Monday, January 09, 2006

Faux-Hawk Fuck Bag

Well, God doesn't, but little boners that work for the Safeway corporation sure do. And I'll tell ya why......
My boyfriend and I were shopping at our local Safeway Store because we had watched the movie 'Twister' the night before and the scene where the cast eats dinner at one of the leads Aunts house makes him crave the dinner they have. It's pretty simple (but fucking good) and consists of mashed potatoes, gravy and steak. It did look damn good, so when John picked me up from work the following night I had no problem with the idea of grabbing those staples and eating that exact meal. We got what we needed at one end of the store and then headed to the produce aisle to grab some veggies. As soon as we walked around the corner I saw a young man look over at us and say something to a female coworker who was at his side. I did not hear what was said, but saw that they were both looking at us and laughing, and it wasn't too fucking hard to figure out what the joke may have been. The young man in his grocery store garb also sported one of the worst faux-hawks I have ever seen. Maybe that's why he's burned into my brain. Anyway.......
We walked out of the area and John turned to me and asked if I had heard what was said, I admitted that I had not, and then he told me that the male employee had called us 'fags'.
My initial instinct was to run over there, grab his cop-out version of a Mohawk and bounce his little boy head off of my knee, but I fought it, and agreed (with John's cohersing) to walk away. We wandered up and down a few more aisles, and then I couldn't take it anymore. I had planned to say something to him, ask him if he had the balls to repeat what he had said, but again, knew it wouldn't work out appropriately if I were to confront the kid. I opted to wander near him, get his name and wage my complaint with the manager. When I got near them, the kid working there noticed me again, and whispered something into his coworkers ear, they again both laughed out loud. I was boiling. He moved around his cart, and I caught a glimpse of his name tag 'A-Ron'. Spelled just like that, which made me think that his parents must be modern day hippies and perplexed at how they could have raised such a homophobe. I walked back to the cashier where John was waiting in line and told him that we had to go to coustomer service and talk to someone or I would kick myself for a long fucking time. And we did. The guy in charge that night was very professional and apologetic, and couldn't express more sincere regret than if it were he who had the insult directed at him. I felt better knowing that at very least he was a fantastic actor and not the only person I know wasting their talents in the customer service industry. The manager assured me that the situation would be dealt with and that upper management would be made aware of what had transpired. I was going to leave it at that. But, i just couldn't. Tonight, John and I emailed the corporate office to make damn sure that the right people know just who is serving the public in their locations. I don't imagine anything will be done. All this little fucker has to do is deny that he said anything, and the situation ends. Admittedly, i hope we score a gift card for 100 bucks, and eat lobsters in the face of homophobia, but we'll see......
I'll let ya'll know!


Blogger Dan MacDonald said...

what a fucker.
post your reply - you mentioned they emailed you back??? I'm dying to know what they are gonna do about this...

2:39 PM  
Blogger karmen said...

good for you ian
i'm proud of you, son.

if you get no response, i'll write a letter myself to the fucking safeway corporation. we'll bombard them with complaints.

12:11 PM  
Blogger zion said...

well, it5 has been a week since I sent them an email, and although it says that all comments and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner, i am still sitting here and wondering what the fuck is happening, does Safeway not care?
I won't give this one up until that fucking grocery chain shows me they care.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Dan MacDonald said...

You know what you should do - write one more email to the people - ASKING what is being done - HOW it is being dealt with - what THEY are going to do for you - for saying something so fucking stupid. if you get no response - call the grocery store and ask for the manager - and ask what the FUCK is the point of making a complaint if nothing is going to be done about it.
had he said the "n" word - he would have been fired.
the "f" word is no fucking different.
something needs to happen. i say we ALL bombard this fucker with complaints. give it to all of us - we'll ALL email in - and say we are from Calgary even - and we REFUSE to shop there until something is done about this - and an answer is given. that way -they'll know you mean business -not only are you TELLING other people - but the other people are telling other people.
does that sound over-reactive? Hell no. this is 2006 - this bullshit needs to STOP being tolerated. fuck with them - seriously.

11:18 AM  

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