Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why Safeway Suxxx

So, I emailed the Safeway Corporation on January 9th to express my obvious discontent with being called a 'Fag' by one of the little part time kids that work there. As I said in the previous blog I spoke to the manager on duty and he seemed to express genuine concern about what had happened. But, I know that all the kid who said it had to do was deny it. "Oh no, they took it the wrong way, I never said anything about them, and I didn't use the word fag". Well, then it comes down to our word over his, and nothing would be done.
So, I wrote a little note to the corporate office explaining that I wanted something to be done about it, and I wanted to know what that was. Today is January 17th, and I have not received anything more than an automatically generated email that you receive after writing to the grocery store chain.
I had been thinking about what I should do next as I let days slip by with no word from the customer service department in Safeway.
This morning I read my friend Dan's blog who had written about a 29 year old Canadian guy who was shot in the head while exiting a gay bar in Detroit. It was random, a hate crime. A fucking HATE CRIME in 2006. Dan was talking about how these issues need to be brought to the publics attention, and it's true, they do need to be brought into the light. The only problem is that so few people would even awknowledge the tiny light that it seems almost useless....ALMOST.
I just phoned Safeways Canadian Customer Service hotline and spoke to someone who told me that he didn't have access to the type of comment I was making, and then he took my name and information and told me that someone would call me back as soon as possible.
This little blurb is taken directly from the automatic response that safeway sent to me
Our staff is available to answer customer e-mails Monday through Friday
from 7AM to 9PM (MST). Efficient customer service is our top priority.
We will research and respond to your inquiry as diligently and quickly
as possible.

EFFICIENT???? My boyfriend and I get called Faggots by some little punk and his lady-caveman co-worker and I wait 10 days to find out what is being done? Then I call and all I get is, "I don't have access to that kind of comment"??????
What the fuck is efficient about that?
I work in retail, if I muttered something under my breath i would be fired on the customers word alone, and, AND I would probably be given hundreds of dollars in gift certificates to make up for the offense.
Safeway.....well, they just back burner it, maybe hoping you'll forget about it. Well, not this time, and not this 'Fag'.


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