Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Today I took my boyfriend to the local hospital to get his arm x-rayed AGAIN. He broke it three and a half weeks ago, and has had to go in on a weekly basis to make sure that the bones have not shifted from the good position they were in.
It was a pretty uneventful trip. The bones are good.
When he was standing at the desk making his next appointment I had wandered down the hall a bit.
When I turned around there was this East Indian man who was standing behind his wife holding the arms of the wheelchair she was sitting in.
He had said something to me, that I didn't hear, and he was awaiting my response.
"Sorry, pardon me"
He repeated himself, but his accent was pretty thick and I didn't catch what he had said.
"Sorry, missed it again, what did you say?"
He repeated it again, and again it was above my head. That's where i started getting nervous. I hate it when people are asking you something, and you have to stumble over what they're saying and get them to keep repeating themselves.
I apologised, and then I admitted that I didn't understand.
This was his response..
"Miikka Kiprusoff, you are Miikka Kiprusoff, from the Calgary Flames."
I blushed, I have had many a fantasy about hockey players, but never that I myself was one.
"Oh no, not me, you've got the wrong guy."
He didn't believe me.
"Oh right, I knew it was you, my wife and I were looking at you in the waiting room and I wanted to come over and introduce myself, but my wife thought it would be rude."
I giggled a bit and told him I really wasn't the goalie for the Calgary Flames.
He still didn't believe me.
"Oh sure, sure, I know we are in public, you don't want to be recognized by too many people, I won't make a big fuss."
I assured him that he had the wrong guy. I said that I was from Toronto and not a hockey player. He still looked at me like I was lying about my identity. Then he looked at John and said he knew for sure it was me when he say my friend with a hockey injury. I laughed again, because John playing hockey is funny unto itself. Then I told him that the break happened snowboarding, and that neither of us were professional hockey players.
He told me I was identical to Miikka Kiprusoff, and that "IF" he was wrong he was sorry.
I told him it was not a problem and then walked away. I could hear him whispering something to his wife, and when I looked back he just smiled and nodded at me.
It was an 'I knew it was you' nod.
I'm pretty sure that right now he is telling his friends that he met the goalie of the Calgary Flames.
This is a picture of Miikka....

Look like me?
Um, nope.


Blogger Machine said...

John looks more like Miikka than you do.

At least you were mistaken for a player from the NHL hockey team with potentially the most homosexual sounding name.

7:47 AM  
Blogger zion said...

Thanks Man. I was too busy looking at publicity shots of him to see if his shoes were coordinated with his belt, I forgot to even notice the subsequent 'gay sounding name' he has.
I feel better, stronger, faster.

8:07 AM  
Blogger karmen said...

I think he meant...the calgary FLAMES is potentially the most homosexual name of all NHL teams.
hee hee...great blog entry zion

3:33 PM  

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