Thursday, October 12, 2006

some things

Some things I want to do before I die.
1) I want to see Lisa's magazine.
2) I want to be approached to star in a porno movie, and them turn them down, but walk away feeling fabulously sexy.
3) I want to finally finish 'The Davinci Code' for real, i have been reading this damn book for far too long.
4) I want to buy a new chair for my computer desk. One that doesn't fling you forward and into the lip of the desk if you lift one of your feet off of the floor.
5) I want to climb a mountain, but first I want to get over my fear of bears.
6) I want one day when I don't have gas.
7) I want Juliette Lewis to tell me I'm cool.
8) I want to travel to far away places with a backpack and sweat stains.
9) I want a dog named Stella.
10) I want to get married.
11) I want to start a band, and be the singer.
12) I want to write my electronic music CD and still have Faust scremaing 'cluck' in the song "Chicken".
13) I want to make a tonne of money and retire at 45.
14) I want to fly.
15) I want to live forever (as a vampire).
16) I want my friends to move here.
17) I want to buy a new car all for me.
18) I want to win a 10,000 dollar shopping spree at HMV.
19) I want to meet my neice.
20) I want to see what my son or daughter would look like, but only with the option of sending them back if I wanted to.
21) I want to go to one of those fancy enema shops in trendy cities and have my arse flushed with water that smells like watermelons.
22) I want to make a movie.
23) I want to write a zombie movie (again, and this time good).
24) I want to go for a walk through the perfect forest in autumn where the leaves are all kinds of colours, and not just yellow like they are in Calgary.
25) I want to get a promotion.
26) I want to love my job.
27) I want to go to a protest.
28) I want ignorant people to get kicked in the throats until they're not ignorant anymore.
29) I want to sing Gweneth Paltrow's part in the duet 'Cruisin'.
30) I want to frame my best pics and try to get them hung on a wall somewhere.
31) I want my dick to grow bigger, and then wear tight jeans for a day.
32) I want John for the rest of my life.
33) I want to create a better 'manwich' sandwich.
34) I want to buy a farm and have pigs that love me, and get all geeked when they see me coming (without the feed bag).
35) I want to take an art class in something I have never tried, like glass blowing or stained galss, or pottery.
36) I want to tell Oprah that she's a shithead, and needs to mind her P's and Q's, shut her damn mouth and never again comment on anything that anyone writes, cause she's no fucking lierary critic, she's just some lucky bitch who made it through the ropes and now has a show where she tries to make housewives cry between laundry and bon bon's.
37) This one is a secret.
38) I want to rent Dirty Dancing.
39) I want to get into 'Bollywood' and learn a dance or two.
40) I want to be Bonnie Tyler for Halloween.
41) I want to have a great body.
42) I want to die old and contented.
43) I want 'funk chunky' ice cream again, I had it once, and then never found it again. real bummer.
44) I want to burn the perfect cd.
45) I want to stop thinking about all of things I want and revert back to the attention span of a hamster, where I am happy and everything is new.